What should I expect in the wedding beauty service process?

  1. Determine who in your party wants makeup and hair services. I only book hair services if makeup services are booked as well.
  2. Check if I’m available for your wedding date by contacting me via email or through the email link on my contact page in this website. 
  3. If I’m available I’ll email you a Wedding Information Guide.
  4. I’ll email you an inquiry form for you to fill out and send back to me. I’ll send you a complimentary quote.
  5. If you’d like to book, I will send you a Contract to read and sign, and an invoice for a retainer.
  6. Sign and date the Contract and pay your retainer within 48 hours of each other to reserve your date.
  7. I will email you a Welcome Guide.
  8. Book a makeup trial (Schedule a hair trial with my subcontractor hair stylist separately. Both trials can possibly be on the same day).
  9. I will email you my Trial Guide.
  10. Have your makeup and hair trials. I will email you a makeup trial recap so you can provide feedback and ask for changes if you wish.
  11. 6 weeks prior to your wedding I will email you a Final Beauty Countdown Guide.
  12. 4 weeks prior I will email you a Wedding Day Quick Reference Guide.
  13. 30 days prior to your wedding review your Contract details. Relay to me and your wedding party any updates on location, time, etc.  
  14. 30 days prior I will invoice you for final payment. Pay the final payment if I have hired a subcontractor, such as a second makeup artist or hairstylist, no less than 2 weeks prior to your wedding.
  15. 2 weeks prior double check that the location for beauty services (if a venue or hotel conference room) will be unlocked and someone available to receive artist/s.
  16. The day before your wedding confirm with me and your wedding party the time of arrival, location and room number.
  17. On the wedding day relay any traffic or weather conditions that could impede travel. Everyone should have clean faces, clean, dry hair. Have someone available to sit with each makeup and hair artist every half hour.

What services require a contract?

All mobile wedding day services require a contract.

What is and how much is a retainer?

A retainer is a non-refundable deposit to hold your wedding date. I charge $500 as the minimum “spend” for me to provide makeup services. It will be used as a credit toward services only, not travel, fees, or tax. My second artists and hairstylists have minimum spends too. If I hire a second makeup artist or a hairstylist I will ask for a retainer on their behalf as well. 

How many services can one artist perform? 
I can accommodate large parties. However, each makeup and hair artist will generally not have more than 8 adults each because the timeline becomes too long. In that case, I would hire additional artists to help.

Are prices locked in once I sign a contract?

I will honor the fees quoted in your signed contract when received by me for the number of services booked. Additional services added later may be subject to new pricing. If the contract is not signed and the retainer not received within two weeks, it will expire and new terms and prices may apply. Your wedding date is not guaranteed until the contract and retainer are received.

What if I have to cancel my contract? 

Cancellation of the contract will result in forfeiture of the retainer/s as my subcontractors and I will have refused other opportunities. Cancellation or breach of contract within 90 days of the wedding will result in forfeiture of retainer, plus the full balance of estimated wedding day services would be due. 

Do you charge for mobile services?

Yes. There is a travel fee of $.75/mile with a $25 minimum mobile fee. At this time, I am not offering wedding day services for more than 2 people at my studio at once. Generally there is one location for beauty services, however an additional location may be added for another $25 mobile kit fee per artist, and mileage and other fees, if applicable. 

Do you accept gratuity? 

Yes. It is not calculated into the estimate if it is me alone doing services. If I hire subcontractors for your services I will charge the industry standard of 20% gratuity. 

Do you offer airbrush makeup? 

Yes. I am certified by the Temptu global educator. Airbrush makeup is an aerated makeup sent through an airbrush gun and feels very light. It photographs beautifully and is great for hi-def videography. It is long-lasting, weather, water, oil, perspiration, transfer and tear resistant. I also offer very durable traditional liquid foundations. I have formulas that are better choices depending on skin texture and type. At your trial we can try different ones and see which you prefer. I charge the same for airbrush and traditional liquid makeup applied with a brush, and sometimes I combine the two for best results. 

Is your makeup kit cruelty free, vegan, organic, gluten free, or hypoallergenic?

I strive to use cruelty free/vegan/clean formulas. My priority as a professional artist is to use products based on superior performance.

Why are you considered a luxury bridal artist?

I hope you have a wonderful experience from the initial contact til we part ways. In the spirit of being prepared, in addition to offering a makeup trial, I can advise on skincare and techniques to get your skin looking its best. I help you plan your skincare routine if you’d like and give you tips to help your wedding morning go smoothly.
I like to think of myself as a wedding makeup planner. I email you periodically with:

A Welcome Guide

A Trial Guide

A Final Wedding Countdown Guide

A Quick Wedding Day Reference Guide 

I try to strike a balance of helping you be prepared and not overwhelming you with requirements. Most of my correspondence is through email and I also provide you my cell phone number. 
Having a personal and mobile makeup artist come to you for your wedding is a convenience you won’t regret on your special day. My team and I use the best quality products and professional equipment; we offer extensive experience and happy calming demeanors so it all seems effortless. It never fails that once hair and makeup is done and gowns are on, everyone looks as gorgeous as if they stepped out of a wedding magazine or a painting!

Do you personally perform bridal hair services? 

No. Once you have decided to book  my makeup services I can subcontract hairstylists or recommend a trusted salon. It isn’t necessary to contract hairstylists through me, but I do have an exclusivity clause in my contract concerning another makeup artist/company being hired to work alongside me for your wedding.

What happens when I have contracted a number of services but my wedding members back out?

Once I have been hired the number of services can be reduced but the balance will not be. If you can’t find replacements for the bridal party members I can either give extra time to each remaining person providing a more personalized and luxurious experience, you can add a luncheon break for your wedding party, or start your wedding prep timeline later than originally planned so you can sleep in a little longer!

How early can you start and how long can you stay?

We can start anytime! However, distances over 1.5 hours and a start time before 8:00am may require overnight accommodation the night before, travel expenses and meals paid for me and my artists. Early start times (before 8:00am) and stays past 8 hours are subject to an additional $25/hr per artist. Wait times for a late wedding party is $25 per 15 minutes per artist if we don’t start on time and $25 per 15 minutes if we go past the proposed end time due to wedding party lateness or interruptions.

How much time is needed for makeup services? 

I will recommend a start time based on how many are in the wedding party, and what time you need to be ready by. For example, a wedding party of a bride and 4 attendants with one artist requires a 5 hour prep time that includes setting up and packing up. Ideally we should schedule makeup and hair services to be complete when the photographer is due to arrive. If prep time is short and there are numerous services, a second artist/hairstylist will be needed. If you or a wedding planner, photographer, or hairstylist create a timeline please submit it to me first for approval before sharing with your bridal party or other vendors.

Can you stay after initial beauty services?

Yes. Lipstick and powder touch-ups, extra hair spray, etc. before our proposed departure are complimentary for everyone we performed services for. Staying for touch-ups for hair and makeup after your first-look photos or the ceremony is charged at a rate of $100/hr per artist.

Do you provide services for destination weddings? 

Yes. Locations over 1.5 hours drive from artists' homes with a start time before 8:00am may require overnight accommodation, travel expenses and meals paid by client. Holiday fees may apply.

Do you provide wedding day mobile services for only one person? 

Yes. However, I do charge during peak wedding season and/or weekends at least $500 for me to come to you. My hairstylist will also require a minimum booking amount. I may be able to book an artist for you that does both hair and makeup. Understandably, most brides do not want to spend this when a salon may be available nearby to the venue. However, please ask if I have availability on your wedding day if it is in the winter, for a last minute booking or elopement, or a weekday wedding. I may waive minimum booking fees.

Do you provide services for two brides or two grooms? 

Yes. The logistics may require that if we have to go to another location another set up and travel fee would be charged per artist.

Do your require everyone in the wedding party to have makeup done? 

No. However, for best outcome I recommend everyone who will be in your professional photographs have my artists and I perform makeup and hair services.

What do you do for adult makeup services?

I include skin prep, airbrush or traditional makeup and choice of false strip or individual lashes. If the bridal party is late or additional services are added on the wedding day making the timeline compressed, skin prep may be deleted and individual false lashes may not be offered.

What does makeup for junior bridesmaids (9-14yrs) and flower girl makeup (under 9) entail? 

I may start with spf if she’ll be in the sun and give a dollop of spf to her parent to apply if preferred. I generally apply light blush and lip gloss, touch of brown or clear mascara, perhaps concealer, tinted moisturizer and light eyeshadow according to how old they are, what they can sit still for, what they want, and the amount their parent allows.

What do you do for men?

Male makeup services may include oil-control skin prep, under eye and blemish color correction, concealer, lip balm and brow grooming. Hair styling is also available.

Do you offer partial services?

Yes. I offer airbrush makeup as a stand alone service of $25 and lash application alone for $25; Premium lashes which can be worn possibly multiple occasions are $30.
Lashes and airbrush
 stand alone services that are added on wedding day are $30 each (premium $35).

Do you charge less for simple makeup for adults?

No. I will apply as little makeup as wanted, but the cost will be the same no matter how much makeup is preferred as I cannot pro-rate each application based on how much makeup I apply. 

Can I bring inspiration looks?
Yes. I encourage a little direction as far as preferences. However, inspo pics by another artist using products unknown by me on a professional model, in a filtered or edited photo, post or reel can’t be matched exactly. For example: When clients bring inspiration pictures they may ask for what looks to them like a light makeup application; However, neutral or light colors are sometimes mistaken for natural makeup. Also, wedding makeup meant to last 16 hours in hot, humid weather is usually not the average person’s typical everyday makeup, so you may end up wearing more makeup than you thought you would. Please look at my Instagram for photos taken by me to find unfiltered inspiration photos in which I usually remember or recorded what products I may have used.

What does the luxury facial entail?

We can add on a luxury mini-facial consisting of cleansing, exfoliation, facial mask and eye mask, eye cream, serum and moisturizer. I recommend if you are getting this add-on facial service for your wedding day that we try the same products at your trial to diminish risk of unexpected skin reactions on your wedding day. ($50)

How much are makeup trials?

Trials are a separate fee from your wedding day makeup. I charge $100/hr. In one hour we can achieve one look. In 1.5 hours we can most likely achieve 2 looks.

Is a makeup trial required?

No. A makeup trial is a preview of your wedding day makeup look. If you have a trial your wedding day makeup is $150. If you don’t have a prior trial the wedding day makeup is $200. 

Why do you charge more if I don’t have a trial?

Having no trial means a longer wedding day prep time deciding on your look and colors. Although selecting makeup looks is normally fun, on your wedding day it may be overwhelming if you haven’t had a practice run. Also, though you may not normally have sensitive skin, if something irritates it we will have to remove and reapply something else and that takes extra time and risk. I will be meeting you and your skin for the first time and I may have recommended a skincare regime which would have made your wedding day makeup look even better if you had started months or weeks prior to your wedding day. If you feel you are truly low-maintenance and comfortable with “winging it” with no consultation or trial I have had success with that approach as well.

What do I do if I live far away?

If you won’t be in town prior to the wedding or are planning a destination wedding let’s try to discuss over the phone your skin type and makeup preferences, and your wedding vibe. You can send me photos of yourself with and without makeup, in makeup you loved from a special event, inspiration pictures from the internet and my website or Instagram. Phone or virtual consultations in place of a trial are $25 per 15 minutes after the first complimentary 15 minutes. 

Should I book the wedding date first or book the trial first? 

I’m usually booked 6-12 months prior to a wedding date. You are welcome to have me perform a trial before signing a contract and giving a retainer but I do not hold wedding dates without them.

When should I have my makeup trial?

I advise scheduling a trial as soon as you book, as soon as you want to explore your makeup looks, or if you’d like to see if we are a good fit prior to booking. I recommend to have it in the same season as your wedding so your depth of color and skin condition (dry, oily, etc.) and the weather temperature will be similar. That could mean either a full year before or 1-2 months before your wedding. If you plan to be tan or get a spray tan for your wedding get one for your trial.
I generally hold trials Monday through Thursday.

Where can I have my trial? 

I hold makeup trials at my home studio in Gales Ferry, CT or at your location (mobile fees apply). If you live in the northern RI area I may be able to arrange your trial in Perception Jewelry Providence studio (the owner will also show you wedding jewelry and accessories before or after your trial) or the hairstylist’s salon (if you also have your hair trial the same day). 

Should I schedule my hair trial at the same time as my makeup trial? 

You don’t have to, but they can be the same day if the hairstylist is available.

May I have relatives, friends, or my children attend my trial? 

If the trial is in my studio I have extra seating for another person. If a strongly opinionated person who may pressure you to follow their guidance asks to accompany you, feel free to tell them the makeup artist does not allow an additional person;). This is to ensure that your preferences for YOUR wedding day are heard. 
Unfortunately, due to safety concerns those under 12 years old aren’t allowed unless it is an infant in a carrier or the arms of another person.
I'm also available to do a makeup trial for an attendant or mom, either the same day as your trial, or another day. 

What if I had my trial and I’ve changed my mind about my makeup look?

I ask my brides to read my Trial Guide that I will email when you’ve booked. Online or magazine photos may be helpful. I have an online portfolio and a beautiful book at my studio. I ask that a bride show or ask if she wants a specific look, and to have realistic expectations if using social media considering most are of photoshopped makeup looks on professional models. Reels often have cell phone filters or special filtering video/camera lens which blur imperfections.
My method in creating a custom look is taking into consideration wedding style, colors, skin tone and type, hair color, eye color, gown, jewelry, flower colors, bridesmaid dress colors, and the season the wedding will be in. Sometimes a bride will change her makeup look when the wedding design has all been planned. Changing your mind if you have had a trial many months prior to the wedding is understandable; Or maybe you didn’t have time to explore more possibilities when you had your first trial. I provide additional trials for a fee of $100/hr. If another one is not feasible you can also tell me prior to the wedding day what changes you’d like and l will bring the appropriate colors and formulas on your wedding day.
Phone or virtual consultations are complimentary for the first 15 minutes and $25 per 15 minutes after. Hairstylist contracted by me for the wedding will have their own policy and prices regarding hair trials. 

Can we plan a look for my bridesmaids beforehand? 

Yes. If you have bridesmaids that normally wear a lot more makeup than you plan to wear on your wedding day or have very limited makeup skills I suggest that you pay for their services so all will join in willingly. You and I will plan a uniform look for all and they won’t have to search for their own inspiration pictures on the internet. We can choose a makeup look and lashes which reflect your wedding vibe, colors, etc. I recommend whether we plan a makeup look or style for your bridesmaids that you ask your bridesmaids and Mothers to submit their look to me prior to the wedding. I give Mothers VIP status in what they choose for makeup looks but if it is a full glam, or they or a wedding party member has a culturally specific look I want to bring the right colors and products. If a bridesmaid requests a look that is very specific to an inspiration picture, or is more glamorous than the bride I may have to modify it due to time constraints and respecting the bride’s role as the one in the spotlight. 

What is your style?

I have experience with many different styles of makeup, but I have found my brand focuses more on natural and softly glamorous makeup looks. I have found techniques that have been popular on social media such as heavily applied foundation, strong contour, very defined brows, cut creases, baking, and dramatically long false lashes do not age well when looking at photographs years later, nor look as good in person as more naturally enhancing makeup applications.

Do you do “full glam” makeup?

If full glam makeup is desired for more than the bride please let me know so I can adjust the wedding prep timeline to be longer.

Do you do Indian wedding makeup?

Yes. Please let me know prior to the trial or wedding if that is expected as I will bring the best products.

Do you and your artists have experience with a range of skin tones? 

Yes. We carry fair to deep foundation colors and undertone adjusters.
Do your hair artists have experience with thick, long, or very curly hair? 
Yes. Please let me know prior to booking so I can contact the most experienced hairstylist for availability. Extra charges may be applicable.

Does your hairstylist provide extensions or do wig styling?
Yes. Please let me know prior to booking so I can contract the best hairstylist for availability. Extra charges are applicable.

Do you guarantee hair services will be available through you if I book makeup through you?

No. I may not be able to book a hairstylist if none are available for your date.

Can you use my own makeup for my trial or wedding day?

I welcome using your own signature lip color, so please present it at the makeup application so I can coordinate the rest of your makeup colors with it. 
Please advise PRIOR to booking if you have serious or numerous allergies. My insurance carrier may not allow me to take on such risk. If you’re willing to sign a waiver I can use your personal makeup products, but they may not hold up well for a long day, may not be designed for professional photos and I can’t predict their performance if used in combination with my own products.

Can you cover a tattoo/redness/acne/wrinkles/ blemishes? 

I can cover them to a degree, depending on the size, vibrancy or darkness. If you have a tattoo or skin concern I suggest a makeup trial. I can also give product recommendations and advise a skincare regimen; For serious conditions such as persistent acne or inflamed rosacea I recommend a dermatologist. 

Can I add on services after I have signed my contract?

Yes. If added prior to the wedding day the original "be ready" time may need to be adjusted and the rates will be my current rates. If the timeline must stay the same I may have to hire additional artists if they are available.
If on the wedding day you request services to be added I may be able to accommodate this if my personal schedule allows me to stay past the original departure time. I also will charge the current rate plus an up-charge and taxes for makeup services that are added on the wedding day to account for last minute efforts to add people in, and to encourage a commitment from your bridal party PRIOR to the wedding day. This helps prevent the stress of your prep schedule being compressed or going over the finish time due to last minute add-ons. If it does, I charge $25 per 15 minutes per artist when we go over the proposed end time and an additional $25 per hour per artist if we have been at the beauty prep location more than 8 hours. 

Whether services are added on your wedding day or before, I ask that you inform the other vendors that you’ve asked for the beauty prep time to be extended because that may cut into their start time.

Can I subtract wedding services if you’ve hired a subcontractor? 

Yes. You can deduct people but the balance will remain the same. If additional artists were hired by me to help and makeup and/or hair services are reduced or cancelled I would suggest finding replacements, such as relatives or friends. If no replacements can be found the services can start later than originally proposed.
If services decrease so much that an additional artist is not required to come anymore, their booking fee at the time they were hired is non-refundable, and the remaining balance would be due.

What if I have reserved my date with you with a contract and retainer, but I decide to go with another beauty company? Or what happens if the wedding is rescheduled or cancelled?

Unfortunately I cannot return your retainer once I have received it with a signed contract. If it is just me providing services I can allow deletions up til 90 days up to my minimum booking amount of $500 for services. However, if there are subcontractors hired by me I do not reduce the balance due anytime after the time of booking. My subcontractors are hired based on a minimum booking fee and an agreement with me that they will receive a certain amount on the wedding day, so therefore, you the Client, and me the contractor, cannot renege on that.

What happens if anyone on your beauty team is not able to come?

I have provisions in my Contract in an emergency situation to replace me or another artist. If I’m unable to replace myself I would return all monies paid and cancel any balance due.

Will you wear a mask during beauty services?

I can wear a a mask throughout the prep time if you request it or for a service if an individual requests it. I do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who says they are ill or shows symptoms of a contagious illness.

Should I bring my own touch up products to the wedding? 

I do encourage everyone to bring their favorite lipstick, retouch concealer, and pressed powder in your purse. Please ask for recommendations or personal shopping services. I provide a touch-up kit for the bride including items such as oil-blotting sheets (enough to share with everyone), q-tips, sponge, a powder puff, tissue, and a makeup wipe. I will provide bridesmaid touch up kits for $25 per bag if asked at least 30 days prior to the wedding.

What do you require from me for the wedding day?

Details will be in the contract, but some requirements are: A parking spot, a safe walkway, a room with a large table, natural light of possible, outlets, nearby bathroom, and a comfortable temperature for working.